A Note on Footnotes

Traditionally, authors of history use footnotes to source the material they are writing about.  A reader of this website will quickly realize that footnotes are not used.  There are several reasons for this.

First and foremost, most of the information provided here is common knowledge.  The purpose of Founder of the Day is not to break new historical ground.  Instead, I attempt to use generally accepted information to bring a modern audience a little closer to the Founding Fathers.

Secondly, publishing daily articles consumes quite a bit of time.  Finding the ‘best’ sources for information that is included in most studies of a given subject would slow my production to a crawl and make continued growth of Founder of the Day nearly impossible.

Lastly, I want you to do the research.  Ok, that’s a stretch.  But the reason I began this website was to spark interest in some of the lesser known Founders.  This is a jumping off point.  I hope when you read an article on this site it peaks your curiosity.  I hope you find the need to learn more.  I hope you go to other websites.  I hope you buy a book.  I hope you visit an historic site, donate to a revolutionary cause, or just strike up a conversation with a friend.

Verifying the Information

Although I do not use footnotes, there are several ways to verify the information in these articles.

I always include links to books related to the topic at hand my posts.  These can be purchased through Amazon (who we are affiliated with, so we receive a small commission), or any other bookseller.  These books will both back up the information I present as well as provide additional reading.  All of these publications I have either read myself or have been assured are of the highest quality from a trusted source.

Sometimes I will use quotes in the articles.  These are usually famous phrases from a Founder’s life.  For more specific quotes, they can either be found in the recommended readings or at Founders Online.  Founders Online is a collection of over 180,000 letters, diaries, and other writing of the Founding generation.  It is a product of the National Archives and is an invaluable resource for studying the Revolutionary Generation.

Finally, if you have a question, you can always reach out to me directly.  This can be done by leaving a comment on our posts or Facebook page or by emailing me at contact@founderoftheday.com.