My mission is to bring attention to those American Revolutionaries who find themselves overlooked today.  I accomplish this by publishing a brief, daily article about a lesser known Founder of the United States: the Founder of the Day.

My intention is to build a greater understanding of the creation of United States by painting a more complete picture of the era on an ever expanding canvass: one Founder at a time.

These articles are broken into two categories: Bios and Studies.

Bios are quick recaps of a Founding Father’s life.  These articles will focus primarily on their contribution to the creation of the United States.

Studies are slightly longer form articles that look further into a topic regarding the Revolutionary Period.  Some will review why a life, event or conflict are important.  Others will attempted to put the Founders into a digestible perspective.  Many of these will feature more than one person.  Consider them a bonus Founder of the Day!

Sometimes, the Founder of the Day will have such an important life that they will be categorized under both Bios and Studies.  These special articles will be reserved only for those Founding Fathers who were MAJOR contributors to the creation of America.  I feel they deserve more notoriety than they currently receive.  Check out our posts on Robert Morris and John Jay to see some great examples.

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