Most Notable Founders of the Day

Most Notable Founders of the Day

As I discussed in my 1st Anniversary Letter yesterday, we are going to have a little bit of fun for a few days before we get back to Founders-as-usual.

Today, I’m going to analyze several types of articles I have written over the last year. It will be a kind of best of/worst of Founder of the Day.

Some you may have read, some you may have missed.

Take a look and let me know if you had a favorite on the list.

Did you have a favorite not on the list? Well, you’d better give me trouble for that!

Is there an article you particularly hated? Ok, fine. Now’s the time to file a complaint (while I’m in a good mood).

I’m going to break this down into four categories: Best Articles, Worst Articles, Most Googled Articles, and Articles I’m Most Proud Of.

Best Articles

Let’s be honest, this list is subjective.

It is nothing more than my opinion and, as such, will be pretty biased.

But hey, I’m going to follow it up with my Worst Articles, so let me have this one.

These are the stories which have the most significant combination of good writing, thorough information, social media engagement and link clicks.

Dr Joseph Warren and the Birth of a Revolution

This was my first article to get a substantial amount of readers. Truthfully, his story of martyrdom is amazing and it was a can’t miss for me.

Benedict Arnold - 8 Reasons for his Treason

This was really a toss up between the treason article and the one I wrote the day before about Arnold being a hero.

Christopher Gadsden Designs the ‘Don’t Tread on me’ Flag

Everyone’s seen the yellow snake flag, it’s surprising how many don’t know about its creator.

Chief Justice John Rutledge Tries to Kill Himself

Rutledge was the youngest man at the Stamp Act Congress, participated in many significant turning points in the Revolution, then became a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. His name should be known by schoolchildren everywhere.

Worst Articles

OK, let's get this over with.

The articles that follow are ones that generally felt forced during the writing process. As I said yesterday, if I put three hours of research into a Founder, I need to write about them. They are generally not the greatest.

Also, I have taken into consideration readership. I know now that if I don’t come up with a catchy title, significantly less people click the link. That helped contribute to the losers on this list.

Please note: all of the stories listed here hold a special place in my heart because, like most of the Founders I write about, they are underappreciated (even by me).

Additionally, I would never intentionally write a bad article. Sometimes they just don’t come out well.

Aaron Kitchell Swings New Jersey

I’m sure I could have made this more captivating. The story was there, I am just not happy at the result.

John Wentworth, Jr is Mysterious to Me

At this point, I’ve honed my research skills to the point where I am certain I could pull back the curtains. I’m sure he’ll be revisited soon.

John Stevens III - The Thomas Edison of the American Revolution

This article isn't bad, but from what I’ve learned about the ‘Steam Wars’ I would give someone else the title of Thomas Edison of the American Revolution.

Who Was the Last Founding Father?

This is one of my first articles. Off the top of my head, Albert Gallatin died in 1849 and he’s not on this list.

Most Googled Articles

This list is easiest to make.

I just have to open my analytics app and look at the numbers and boom…this list is made.

These are the articles that have nothing to do with me ‘getting the word out.’ This compilation is based around people who went to, typed in a Founder’s name, Founder of the Day came up on page 1, and they clicked on it.

Truthfully, this was not something I considered when I started the site and when it first started happening in September, I was pleasantly surprised.

Hercules Mulligan Tailors Intelligence for the Continental Army

Far and away the most times someone Googled a Founder and clicked on my article. I’m guessing it’s because he has a small speaking role in the play Hamilton.

Austin Roe - Washington’s Spy on Horseback

Second most Googled article and the first one I noticed getting traction. I suppose he is Googled so often because he was mentioned in the show Turn. More info below.

George Eacker - Two Duels in Two Days

Catchy title. Killed Hamilton’s kid. People like duels.

David Brearly and the Committee on Postponed Parts

This one is a bit surprising because he was a relatively small player, but it gets Googled all the time.

Nathaniel Gorham and the Committee of the Whole

Again, surprising. I suppose people are interested in the Chairmen of Committees at the Constitutional Convention.

Articles I’m Most Proud Of

These ---- articles are the ones I have a particular affinity for.

Sometimes due to my appreciation for the Founder, sometimes due to the hard work I put in during the research phase.

If there are any Founder of the Day installments I hope you read, it’s these.

Austin Roe - Washington’s Spy on Horseback

As mentioned earlier, this is my second most Googled article. That is especially nice for me because he is the one Founder buried in the town I grew up in. Because of my personal history with him (my first childhood home was off Roe Boulevard) I really consider myself an expert on this man. Now the internet does too.

Robert Morris - The Founder We Are Supposed to Know

My first article. You’ll notice it has flaws (it’s one long paragraph) but he is the one Founder who is truly forgotten despite his importance.

Southy Simpson - The Definitive Biography of a Forgotten Founder

This is the first article I wrote that I knew in advance it would be the authority on a subject. I put way too much time into researching this man, but once I dove in I was hooked.

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