Jacob Broom Doesn't Realize His Property's Potential

Jacob Broom Doesn't Realize His Property's Potential

Jacob Broom was a signer of the United States Constitution.

Broom held several local positions and just so happened to sell some property which would launch one of America’s biggest companies.


Jacob Broom

Though he was originally trained as a surveyor, Jacob Broom was a man of many trades.

During his lifetime, Broom would work as a mill owner, postmaster, banker and philanthropist. He also spent several terms in the Delaware Assembly during and after the American Revolution.

In 1786, Jacob was elected to attend the Annapolis Convention in Maryland, though he was one of many Delegates who chose not to attend that event.

The lack of participation in the Annapolis Convention led Alexander Hamilton and James Madison to lead the call for the Constitutional Convention.


Constitutional Convention

The following year, Jacob Broom was again chosen to represent his State, this time at the aforementioned Constitutional Convention.

Broom had never played a role on the national stage before attending the Constitutional Convention. Partly due to this and partly due to his quiet demeanor he spoke infrequently during the ensuing debates (though it has been said he was ‘cheerful and conversable in private’).

Jacob strongly supported a vigorous National Government, actually wanting longer terms for Senators and the President, though as a man from a smaller state, he was against proportional representation.

In September of 1787, Jacob Broom became a signer of the United States Constitution.



The Constitutional Convention was Jacob Broom’s only contribution to the national stage of American history.

Afterward, he returned to Delaware where he focused on local issues. Broom was chosen as chairman of the Wilmington Branch of the Delaware Bank.

Additionally, Jacob opened several mills on the edge of the Brandywine River. One of these is thought to have been the first cotton mill in the United States.


Du Pont

Unfortunately, Jacob Broom’s cotton mill burned down.

Broom, always interested in something new, sold this property. The land, which included several mills and a beautiful house, was deeded to Éleuthère Irénée du Pont de Nemours.

Du Pont turned the mills into a gunpowder operation which quickly found success. This company is still around, blossoming into the Du Pont chemical company which is currently one of the biggest in the world.

If only Jacob Broom knew more about chemistry.

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