George Washington

George Washington

Since the purpose of Founder of the Day is to shed light on the lesser known Founding Fathers, this is simply a brief overview of the life of George Washington.  He was truly America's 'First Citizen.'  It is recommended that you read more about him than is found in this short summary.

George Washington first came to prominence during the French and Indian War.

He was chosen to lead forces by the Governor of Virginia.  This was based primarily on his training as a surveyor and knowledge of what is now Ohio and West Virginia.

By the onset of the American Revolution, Washington had established himself as one of the best known officers in the colonies.  This is what led to his nomination by John Adams to be Commander of the Continental Army.

Though there were many hardships, Washington was able to lead the patriots to Victory in the war.

He was a national hero.

There were actually some soldiers who wanted him to be king.  Luckily Washington had fought for his belief in republicanism and the rule of law.  He would have no such talk.

After a few years of retirement, George would be called back to serve his country as President of the Constitutional Convention.  Although he did not participate much in the debates themselves, his commanding presence made sure the discussions stayed civil and on track.

During the ratification process, having Washington's name on the Constitution lent it much credibility.  One of the main reasons the document was accepted was the assumption Washington would be the first president.

Indeed, Washington became the First President of the United States of America.

He set many precedents as 'First Citizen' and moved the country in a direction he believed would be best for the people.

Fortunately, one of the precedents Washington set was to retire after two terms as president.

He died just two years after leaving office.  Had he passed away as president America may have been a very different place.

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