Henry Cruger Fights The Revolution From Within Parliament's Walls

Henry Cruger Fights The Revolution From Within Parliament's Walls

Henry Cruger, Jr. holds a very unique place in the history of the American Revolution.

Cruger was the only colonist to be both a member of Parliament and a State Senator.


Henry Cruger, Jr.

Henry Cruger, Jr. was born into a wealthy merchant family in New York City.  Both his grandfather and uncle (John Cruger, Jr.) had been mayors of that city in addition to holding other distinguished posts.

As an 18 year old, Cruger moved to England for a higher education.  He liked his life there and decided to stay, taking up residence in the city of Bristol.

Before his 25th birthday Henry was elected to the Town council and was chosen as Sheriff the following year.



A decade later, Cruger was voted to a seat in Parliament.  Not only was this a rare occurrence for a colonial born person, but the year was 1774.  The First Continental Congress had just begun to meet.  Despite being strongly outnumbered, Henry took the side of his homeland.

For the next fifteen years Cruger would go to bat for the colonies on the floor of Parliament.  He recommended eliminating the oppressive taxes and reducing the size of the standing army.

While the Americans chanted 'no taxation without representation’ Henry was their de facto delegate.


A Call To End The War

As the war raged on, Cruger came to the conclusion that independence was best for everyone.

He recommended to Parliament to let the colonies go and keep good terms between the two.  If they could continue their trade agreements, both countries would benefit.


New York

After the war, Cruger lobbied to be named as Britain's Minister to the United States.

Henry was denied this position but decided, after more than three decades abroad, it was time to return home.

He sailed for New York where he joined the Federalist Party.  This was due to his belief that America should try and compete in the world market by maintaining close ties to Great Britain.

Cruger was quickly elected to the New York State Senate, making him the only member of Parliament to ever be elected to a position (State or Federal) in the American Government.


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