Samuel Osgood Is Appointed First Postmaster General

Samuel Osgood Is Appointed First Postmaster General

Samuel Osgood spent the first half of the American Revolution worrying about his home State of Massachusetts.  Once the federal Constitution was ratified, he turned his attention to the new nation, most notably serving as the first Postmaster General of the United States.

Osgood was a dedicated public servant who put hard work in front of party politics.


Samuel Osgood

When the alarm sounded to signal the British were coming, Samuel Osgood led the militia of Andover, Massachusetts into the Battle of Lexington and Concord.

He followed the Redcoats and served as an aide de camp to Artemas Ward during the Siege of Boston.  After the British evacuated the city, Osgood resigned from the militia to accept election to the Massachusetts Provincial Congress.


Continental Congress

Samuel Osgood served on the Massachusetts Board of War, which oversaw the state militia during the Revolution.  

Samuel went to the State’s constitutional convention and afterwards was Andover’s representative in the Massachusetts Senate.  At this time he was chosen as a delegate to the Continental Congress.

Osgood spent the second half of the 1780’s as a Commissioner of the Treasury for the Confederation.


Postmaster General

Samuel's work did not go unnoticed and in 1789 George Washington appointed him as the first Postmaster General of the United States under the new government.  He spent two years in this position.

Osgood, who had moved to New York City during his Treasury job, offered his house to Washington.  It was his house which became the first Executive Mansion, predating the White House.

When the government moved to Philadelphia (and Robert Morris’ house became the Executive Mansion), Osgood decided to remain in New York.  He resigned the office of Postmaster and took a seat in the New York State Senate, eventually serving as it's Speaker.


Jefferson Administration

Samuel Osgood proved himself to be a hard worker who put country ahead of politics.

When Thomas Jefferson took over as President, few of the people who associated with the Washington Administration were offered posts.  Osgood, however, was appointed as Naval Officer for the Port of New York.  In this position, Osgood was responsible for overseeing the police force in the city's harbor.

Near the end of his life, Samuel Osgood was named the first President of City Bank of New York.  This company is still around today under the name of Citigroup.


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