Isaac Bronson Gets Everyone Paid

Isaac Bronson Gets Everyone Paid

Isaac Bronson was a Surgeon in the Continental Army who went on to create some of the most important financial institutions in the United States.

Isaac Bronson

As soon as he received permission to practice as a Physician, 19-year-old Isaac Bronson joined the Continental Army.

The American Revolution was already in full swing and Bronson became a Surgeon for the Light Infantry (AKA the cavalry). He eventually achieved the rank of Colonel.

When the war ended, Surgeons Assistants (known as Mates) were not compensated the same way as the rest of the Continental Officers. Bronson reached out to someone he thought might be able to resolve the matter…George Washington.

Mates’ Pay

Bronson informed Washington that he believed the Mates should be given the same respect as all other officers.

At the very least, he thought, they deserved to be paid for their work. If farmers were paid for their food and merchants were paid for purchasing supplies and lawyers were paid for making laws, shouldn’t doctors be paid for saving their patients?

Isaac’s first letter was sent in the immediate aftermath of the war. His second was sent ten years later after Washington had become President. Finally, his demands were heard.

Surgeon Mates would receive full officer pay, though it took a full thirty years.

China…And Money

Immediately after the war, Isaac Bronson decided to travel.

He journeyed around the world. Eventually, he made it to China where he purchased several items. Upon his return to the United States, Bronson sold these products. This gave him a taste for the merchant trade.

As his financial career took off, Bronson began investing.

At the time, the wealthy in America were expected to both lead the nation as well as pay for it. This was done, not through taxes, but through purchasing the nation’s debt.

Building American Financial Institutions

Bronson’s investments made him an extremely wealthy man.

He would go on to participate in the creation of the Bank of Bridgeport, the Bank of the United States, the New York Life Insurance and Trust Company, and the Ohio Life Insurance and Trust Company.

Additionally, Isaac began speculating in land. He became one of the most respected men in this shady business and owned over a million acres throughout the young nation.

By the time of his death, Isaac Bronson could be counted among the richest men in New York City. Many of the organizations he created still pay American wages to this day.

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