Memorial Day: Reflecting on Revolutionary Veterans

Memorial Day: Reflecting on Revolutionary Veterans

Happy Memorial Day!  It was too difficult to single out one Founding Father on this holiday, so I thought a good way to honor our Revolutionary Veterans would be to take a look back at some of the Continental Soldiers we have discussed in the short history of this website.  

Since the Washingtons, Hamiltons and Lafayettes will be receiving attention today, let's take a moment to remember some of those Americans who might otherwise be forgotten.  If you missed any of these articles, now's a great chance to catch up!

Thank You:

Philip Pellham

Philip Pellham, who spent a large portion of the Revolutionary War in the no-man's-land of Westchester County, NY.

Artemas Ward

Artemas Ward, the original Commander-in-Chief, for holding down the fort (and holding the British in Boston) until General Washington arrived.

John Hanson Harrison

John Hanson Harrison, for keeping Washington's affairs in order.

William Whipple

William Whipple, who played a large role in the Battle of Saratoga and still found time to sign the Declaration of Independence.

Henry Laurens

Henry Laurens who, though he did not notably serve in the field, was taken as a prisoner of war so....

Nathaniel Scudder

Nathaniel Scudder, for abandoning your medical practice to sacrifice your self for the cause.

Esek Hopkins

Esek Hopkins and the First Navy you led to sea.

Thomas Nelson, Jr.

Thomas Nelson, Jr. who, as Governor, led Virginians in the field.


And Nathanael Greene, Joseph Warren, Baron von Steuben, Horatio Gates, John Langdon, Henry Knox, Nathan Hale, John Armstrong, Philip Schuyler and all those Founders who has yet to receive their Founder of the Day article.  Thank you!


To all American Veterans, past and present, on behalf of Founder of the Day I would like to send you my gratitude and appreciation.  Here's hoping everyone has a wonderful Veteran's Day.

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James Schureman and the Annapolis Convention

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George Washington: The Early Years