Bunking With Hamilton - Robert Troup Party's With His Roommate

Bunking With Hamilton - Robert Troup Party's With His Roommate

Robert Troup was a college buddy of Alexander Hamilton.

Like his more famous friend, Troup joined the war effort in New York City.

Also like his friend, Troup spent time in the Schuyler Mansion in Albany, NY.

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Robert Troup

Before the outbreak of the Revolutionary War, Robert Troup was attending King’s College in New York.

Just as many modern college students, Troup was forced to take a roommate.

The young man Robert was instructed to share space with was destined to do great things.

Robert Troup’s new living partner was none other than Alexander Hamilton.

Youthful Rebellion

Swept up in the fervor of patriotism, both men joined a group which drilled on the college’s lawn.

Eventually, they both helped form a volunteer militia called the Corsican’s (later known as the Heart’s Oak) which stole two dozen cannons from the British.

Shortly thereafter, the 20-year-olds separated, with Hamilton commanding artillery in Manhattan and Troup serving in the Bronx.

Continental Soldier

Unfortunately, Robert Troup was captured during the Battle of Long Island.

He spent several months in custody (including time on a vile ship) before receiving transfer in a prisoner exchange. Luckily, his talents were well known and he was recruited as an aide-de-camp for Horatio Gates.

Troup served Gates in several different facets, including on the field during the Battle of Saratoga.

By 1778, Robert was hired by the Continental Congress to work as Secretary to the Board of War.

Law and Freedom

After the Revolutionary War was complete, Troup reunited with his old friend Alexander Hamilton.

Robert helped his buddy study for and pass the bar.

It is often noted that Hamilton was a founder of the New York Manumission Society, which helped to eliminate slavery in New York. While this is true, it is generally omitted that Troup presided over the first meeting of this organization.


Troup would go on to support Hamilton as an active New York member of the Federalist Party.

When Hamilton was out of town, Robert kept him abreast of the goings-on back home.

Throughout this period, Troup served as a State Assemblyman in addition to Federal Clerk. He was then chosen by President Washington to act as a Judge in the United States District Court District of New York.

Early New York Rebels are fun to read about.

Here are some more:

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Simon Boerum of Brooklyn

Any biography which discusses a young Hamilton’s life should discuss Robert Troup to some degree.

I will recommend ‘Alexander Hamilton: American’ because I’m a huge fan of author Richard Brookhiser.

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Alexander Hamilton, American
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